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femjoyFemjoy Review Intro

Femjoy is a softcore nude site that features magazine style content of beautiful European models. You’ll find over 1000 different models gracing the site with their presence and most of them are very sexy and natural. As far as I could tell, all their content is 100% exclusive.

Femjoy Review Pros

  • Photos, photos, photos! Some sites are all about video, others are about photography, Femjoy is definitely the latter. The photos here are crisp and absolutely top-notch quality. If you so choose, you can download photos as large as 4000×2667 which look absolutely amazing.
  • Most of the models that appear on Femjoy are breathtakingly beautiful and all-natural. I love big breasts and slender waists, and Femjoy delivered some of the most stunning models that fit this attribute. I’d say that out of ever 10 models I came across, I found 8 of them to be what I consider hot, and that’s a pretty damn good ratio.
  • Femjoy’s archive goes back to 2004 so there is a massive amount of content to see. Two new photo updates are added every day.

Femjoy Review Cons

  • I didn’t care about the videos too much. Don’t get me wrong, they are very good quality and well shot, but they are short and most have a musical background to them which I personally don’t like. There’s also only 1 new video added every week, but like I said in the “pro” section above, this site is about the photos so I consider the videos to just be a bonus.
  • There’s no hardcore here and everything is very soft (think Playboy-type content).

Femjoy Review Conclusion

When it comes to nude photography, Femjoy is definitely one of the finest sites in this category. If you’re looking for hardcore, you better look elsewhere because this site caters to the glamor softcore consumer. So if you’re after stunning European models presented in a tasteful and sexy way, I suggest you give Femjoy a strong look because it delivers that to perfection.