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kissmegirlphotoKiss Me Girl Review Intro

The moment you view one of their videos, you realize that Kiss Me Girl is not your standard lesbian sex site. The action here is some of the best lesbian erotica ever produced because it has the girls going at it with passion and chemistry.

Kiss Me Girl Review Pros

  • The content is the star here. I’ve never seen lesbian action as good as this. The girls don’t just make out with each other, they go all out, kissing, rubbing, grinding, humping. The best way to describe it would be to say it’s lesbian porn on steroids.
  • The video quality of newer scenes is very good. I like they way they film the action too.
  • Did I mention the girls? Oh yeah, they girls are all hot porn stars and many have a thing for girls so they get really into it during these scenes.

Kiss Me Girl Review Cons

  • There’s no explicit sex, which I realize could be a drawback for some. I personally enjoyed the soft making out sessions and the nude humping.
  • The site updates about once a week.
  • Older video quality is not as good as the newer videos.

Kiss Me Girl Review Conclusion

If I were to choose a favorite lesbian site, this would be it. I just love the kissing and the passion that these girls display in their scenes. If you’re into hot young babes making out and groping each other, then you’ll be amazed with this content.