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massageroomsMassage Rooms Review Intro

One aspect of online porn that I always found lacking was the prevalence of good massage porn sites. There are a few out there who do a good job but this fantasy really deserves more content because what man hasn’t gotten or dreamed about getting a soft, sensual massage from a sexy young lady, right? I’m glad to see a few more sites popping up in this niche, one of them is Massage Rooms which features a mix of boy/girl and girl/girl sexual massage action.

Massage Rooms Review Pros

  • Massage porn is right up my alley in terms of the type of porn I like watching so the action found here definitely gets a big check in the pro column from me. The scenes start out with lots of sensuality and teasing then turn to hardcore that’s still very sensual and considerate to the female.
  • Speaking of the content, the site does a great job created scenes without content that gets lots of complaints from vocal online users. The site has no fake boobs, no anal, no facials, guys never jerk themselves off and the girls are treated gently and with attention. The videos are also different from each other in the sense that they don’t follow the same scripted routine.
  • Technically speaking, the production is quite good with high quality, crisp videos that are very pleasant to watch.

Massage Rooms Review Cons

  • I think the post-production work on the photos could be done better. You should treat the photo content as a bonus thing rather than the main reason for joining.
  • All models are Eastern European. The minimal dialog that’s found in the videos is done in Czech.
  • A new video is posted every 4-5 days. Not really a “con” but not really a “pro” either, I’m just mentioning it here just so you know.

Massage Rooms Review Conclusion

I personally quite enjoyed the videos found inside Massage Rooms but I can see how it may not be for everyone. Those of you who prefer more edgy hardcore would be better of somewhere else but fans of massage porn or sensual erotica should feel right at home here. If seeing sexy European models getting rubbed down and penetrated is your thing, give this one a good look.