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tonights-girlfriendTonight’s Girlfriend Review Intro

Tonight’s Girlfriend is the only premium site I know that specializes in the escort porn fantasy. The premise for each scene is simple and involves a guy getting a visit from an escort in his high-end hotel room. The escorts are all played by well-known porn stars and the action is very hot. Most scenes include sexy lingerie and many models tend to have fake tits, though there are natural girls like Riley Reid and Lily Carter as well.

Tonight’s Girlfriend Review Pros

  • The video production is great. From the moment you see the videos, you realize that not only are the videos crisp but the actual filming and editing is done by people who really know what they’re doing. This is not the case with some porn sites.
  • The site sticks to its escort porn fantasy quite well and builds up each scene quite nicely. The girls wear multiple outfits in each scene and have their personality really come across on camera.
  • The actual sex that happens in these scenes is quite intense and better than most sites. You see the girls sweat, shake and scream with passion as they get pumped hard. Very intense action.

Tonight’s Girlfriend Review Cons

  • Tonight’s Girlfriend is updated once a week. Not bad for the quality and production effort put into each scene but still a
  • There are no high-resolution photos. The scenes do include a gallery of video screen captures which is a decent way to preview the scene but it’s a shame they don’t shoot real photos because there’s an opportunity for some killer photo content if they did.
  • The videos are streaming only in the members area, so if you want to download them, you need to have the technical know-how to do so.

Tonight’s Girlfriend Review Conclusion

When it comes to the escort porn fantasy, Tonight’s Girlfriend does it to perfection. You get awesome videos of intense sexual experiences featuring pretty porn stars who know how to fuck. And what man hasn’t done or fantasized about this scenario at one point, right? At Tonight’s Girlfriend you can get as close to it as you can without having to actually shell out the cash and risk a visit to the bail bondsman, or worse yet, a doctor!