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xogiseleXO Gisele Review Intro

XO Gisele is the site name of stunning busty blonde pinup Gisele. This blonde has the body of a goddess, with flowing blond hair and huge enhanced breasts that pop some of the most impressive cleavage known to man. Gisele’s look¬† is trophy wife material through and through but the nice thing about her is that she’s got a pretty decent personality and loves interacting with her members.

XO Gisele Review Pros

  • Gisele is very photogenic and looks very hot in all the work she does. She does a good job picking out sexy outfits that make her look just as good with clothes on as she does without them. I loved the tight dresses, the skimpy denim shorts and all those outfits that pop her impressive cleavage.
  • The quality of the photos and videos is quite good. Not only that but whoever does the photography for her really knows how to capture her the right way to maximize the sexy factor.
  • Weekly webcam shows! Gisele does a great job of interacting with her members and puts on a great show every week.
  • There’s one photo set,¬† one video, and one or two webcam shows most weeks which is a pretty decent update schedule for a solo model site.

XO Gisele Review Cons

  • There’s really nothing negative inside XO Gisele. The only thing you may want to know is there’s no boy/girl or girl/girl hardcore, it’s a solo site from start to finish. The hardness of the content goes as far as masturbation with sex toys.

XO Gisele Review Conclusion

To make a solo site work you not only need a sexy model but you also need her to be engaged in the running of the site and to have a genuine interest in keeping her members happy. XO Gisele certainly has both of these things. Women with her look and flare are few and far between in the real world so this site gives Average Joes like us a rare opportunity to interact with such a stunning beauty.